Agricultural Concrete Services

Repair the tired and cracked base of your grain bins!


We Can Handle All Sort of Agricultural Mudjacking and Concrete Applications

Grain bin floors are challenged by the heavy weight of the grain stored inside. They are also less supported as mice tunneled holes underneath. Help maintain your grain bins by allowing us to fill the voids and help raise and support the concrete slab.

This will provide a better storage base for your grain. We do a number of slabs in feed lots. We can usually come in and mudjack your feed bins without disrupting your operation.

What are the savings over concrete replacement?

  • Mudjacking is economical; cost a fraction 1/2 -1/3 of replacement
  • Mudjacking does not effect landscaping (sod will remain in place)
  • Mudjacking area can be used immediately - vehicle traffic 4 to 6 hours
  • Unlike new concrete, mudjacking is not affected by weather
  • Installation takes much less time

Mudjacking offers additional benefits:

  • Mudjacking stabilizes the sub-soil
  • Mudjacking eliminates color differences between old and new concrete
  • Mudjacking fills the void, eliminating erosion, water penetration, certain foundation leaks, animals, and insects.