Concrete Grinding

What is Concrete Grinding?


Concrete grinding is the process of shaving off concrete to desired height with specialized equipment.

Concrete Grinding is a generic term that refers to different types of functions. The primary function of course is to grind away a given amount of concrete from a concrete slab. You may have a sidewalk or driveway slab that has heaved for various reasons. One possible solution to remove the safety hazard of a heaved slab may be to grind away part of the concrete.

Is your concrete not flush? Do you have trip hazards?

In many cases, Mudjacking is not the solution for all of your problems. Your concrete can be too high due to frost heave or concrete can be pushed up by overgrown tree roots. Whatever the cause, we can grind any concrete.

Reasons for concrete grinding:

  • Trip hazards
  • Doors not opening properly
  • Water drainage
  • Uneven concrete