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We have the professionals that can seal all your concrete cracks and joints.

We know how busy people are nowadays, so whether you need us to caulk a 2′ crack or an entire driveway, give us a call we can help.

Problems associated with cracks and joint failure in road and driveway surfaces:

  • The water will find ways through the cracks and joints and can wash soil away from under cement creating voids, which will weaken concrete, and voids next to foundations can hold large amounts of water. This water will slowly find weaknesses in foundations to leak into basements.
  • The water can freeze in winter and the expansion can cause spalling of joints.
  • If there is free water trapped in the pavement layers when the surface over the trapped water is trafficked, the force from the vehicle wheel will exert hydraulic pressure in the water which will be transmitted through the trapped water into sound areas of the road and break them open.
  • Prevents sand, stone, and dirt from making their way into open cracks causing compressive stresses; and extends pavement life by minimizing crack growth.
  • Water passing through the driveway surface whether it is bituminous or concrete, will weaken the base and road base layers of the road pavement and eventually the subgrade ultimately causing failure and the need for replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

Caulking cracks and joints will help prevent the above problems from happening. This will help your concrete last much longer and save you money on costly water issues.


Basic crack sealing can be very inexpensive to very expensive so it is extremely important to choose a professional that is capable of performing a great job and in a timely manner and to use the best materials available.


At Mixan, all of our Mudjacking work comes with a 100% Money-Back Guaranteed Warranty.

We are insured and bonded for all work we do.

Why Choose Mixan?

  • All Work 100% Guaranteed
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What do our valued customers say about us?

Stan and Deb B. – Driveway

“Bob, thanks for coming out to mudjack my driveway and sidewalk. You explained that you could do the driveway, but the sidewalk was too broken up to mudjack, so you offered to replace it. It was very nice to work with your company that offers more than just one service. Thanks again for the great job.”

Stan and Deb B.
Movalley, IA