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What is pressure grouting?

Pressure grouting is the process of injecting concrete or grout into your foundation, wall, or floor.

This is done by drilling holes in specific areas determined by our professionals that would best suit your problem. We then use a specialized concrete grout pump that will pump the concrete or grout at high pressure until the concrete comes in contact with the existing foundation. This will fill your void or empty space to provide a stabilized surface or strengthen your walls.

Pressure Grouting is a process of injecting grout under the ground and into loose soils to solidify and strengthen the foundation soils. The mixture can be injected as deep as 80 feet or more underground. This process can be used to stabilize soil or in some cases to lift structures that have settled.

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What do our valued customers say about us?

Glen D. – Trip Hazard

“Thanks for fixing the trip hazard at the entrance of our restaurant. It was great to get it fixed and not lose access to the front door. We could not believe people could walk on it the same day. We thought we would have to close down for at least one day and lose that business. You guys are the Best…”

Glen D.
Omaha, NE