Dealing with contractors can be scarier than:

  • Loss of property value or risk of injury.
  • Loss of grain storage capacity from a broken AG bin foundation or floor.
  • Experiencing improper drainage or soil compaction issues.

It’s hard to know who to trust with the repairs of one of your most valuable assets. You shouldn’t feel lied to or scammed when you’re trying to protect your property.

At Mixan Mudjacking, we don’t like dealing with the pressure of salesmen either.

We vowed never to make our customers feel that way.

We treat you and your property like we want to be treated.

With over 35 years in the business, we only invest in processes that will last for our customers.

Restoring property value and peace of mind is as easy as...

1. Request a Quote

2. Receive a Quote You Can Trust

3. Repairs Begin

How Mudjacking Repair Works

An illustration of a drill boring a hole into a slab of broken concrete.
A pattern of holes are drilled through the sunken slabs.
An illustration of a pump pouring concrete into the drilled hole and the void below..
Grout is pumped under the slab raising it to the desired height.
An illustration of the previously broken slab, now raised and repaired.

The holes are patched with cement.

As a property owner, your home or business is your domain.

You are responsible for it. When the foundation needs to be repaired, concrete needs to be lifted or leveled, or expert excavation and dirt work services are needed, where do you turn? Hiring a contractor can make you feel more vulnerable than experiencing a loss of property value or use.

We’ve seen the stress and frustration property owners face when one of their biggest assets is vulnerable. We wanted to alleviate that stress – not add to it.

For over 35 years Mixan Mudjacking has been lifting and leveling residential concrete, repairing broken commercial or grain bin foundations and performing expert excavating and dirt work services throughout the Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska area. Through it all, we vowed to treat customers the way we want to be treated. Honesty, transparency, kindness, a fair price, showing up on time, and doing the job right the first time are all values we strive to deliver to you.

What do our valued customers say about us?

Glen D. – Trip Hazard

“Thanks for fixing the trip hazard at the entrance of our restaurant. It was great to get it fixed and not lose access to the front door. We could not believe people could walk on it the same day. We thought we would have to close down for at least one day and lose that business. You guys are the Best…”

Glen D.
Omaha, NE